MM601 panel

All about it

The first drop-in power supply and distro board for Buchla-compatible systems - the outboard motor for your passive boat!

The psu can output 667mA on each of the +15 and -15 rails, and 1.5 A on the +5V rail, plenty for a 5-panel system.

The name is a reference to the power supply board mounted behind the panel having four edge connector “fingers” on the main board allowing direct connection to Buchla-style polarised edge connectors, removing the need to install a separate busboard in many cases. Input is +12V from a standard barrel connector with a 2.5mm positive centre pin made by Cincon, and a second connector is provided for daisy-chaining several boats to the one “brick”.

If you do have a busboard already in your case, the power supply board has auxiliary MTA156 headers that can connect both power and data signals. If you do not want or need a panel-mounted solution, a "bare" MM601 supply board can can be mounted in the rear of the case, and a second unpopulated MM601 supply board can be used as a passive busboard.

The name (and illustration) is also a reference to Stereolab’s favourite underground comic, Der Todliche Finger by Antonholz Portman, from 1970, where a conformist in the place of the reader is eventually bumped off by their accuser in the comic panels. It’s a reminder to me as a designer, and you as the user, that the best way to honour 4U Modular’s radical roots is to make innovative things, and not fall back on cliche.
Ban the Bongos! (lol!)

Tech Notes

The supply uses good quality, affordable CUI isolated "bricks" for the 15V supplies, and the tried and true Murata 78SR05 module for 5V. It also uses modern Aluminium-polymer capacitors (which we pioneered the use of in synth power supply designs) to help keep the 15V rails nice and clean! 

This module is designed to be DIY-friendly, and while we don't recommend it as a first soldering project, it is a very simple build.

Tech Specs

Power requirements

+12V DC: 2.5mm centre-positive barrel input, 35W per supply in the daisy chain.


Buchla-compatible  (4U, quarter-panel) single unit

38mm depth below mounting rails with connected power cable 


User manual on its way!



In production; expected production northern spring 2019.


Watch this space