MM1203A outline drawing

All about it

A handy utility for anyone using the supercool 1960s-vintage HP 203A Variable Phase Function Generator as a sound source or modulator. As it depends on decade divider cards to generate its tuning ranges, being able to keep them in alignment is essential to ensure its ultraslow LFO capabilities remain usable.

This card is specially designed to fit securely in any decade divider card compartment to elevate the card you are testing and aligning for easy access to trimmer controls and test points. Unlike generic riser cards, you don't have to worry about the card you are aligning falling into the innards of the generator and damaging its precious germanium payload!

Tech Notes

The card has been specially designed to fit the  EDAC 387-012-523-300 edge connector at the top edge (its plastic projections sit snugly inside the cutouts at the top of the card) The connector is very affordable, and its long pins can be bent together so they will form a very strong contact with the PCB once soldered on both sides.

Tech Specs

Power requirements

Passive, no supply required.


4.35" x 2.84" 



In production


Watch this space