MM321 panel

All about it

The glue to hold your Capricorn 300-series system together! 6 passive 100k attenuators - the top 4 with log taper, the bottom 2 with linear taper.

Capricorn modules have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to unattenuated signal and control voltage inputs - this module (and a few patchcords) will convert them to variable mixer inputs.

We have chosen this configuration as log pots will match the inbuilt signal attenuators on all Capricorn series modules, as well as the control voltage attenuator on the MM317 VCO, plus many users will already have two linear attenuators courtesy of the MM315.

Tech Notes

Nothing to say really!!!! It's pots and jacks!

Tech Specs

Power requirements

+12V: Not required

-12V: Not required

+5V: Not required


Eurorack standard, 10HP width

17mm depth below mounting rails with connected power cable 



Queued for production whenever there's demand for it-probably after the release of our filters in 2017


Watch this space