MM316 panel

All about it

The MM316 VCA is a classic sounding VCA based on a gritty OTA core with tons of audio and CV mixer inputs (4 of each to be precise), DC coupling for in-your-face bass, switchable exponential response and a bonus channel!

Due to the obsolescence of the CA3080 amplifier chip used in the original module we elected to use the more modern LM13700 which contains two CA3080 cores - and we couldn't resist using the spare one to add a B (for "bonus"!) audio channel which is calibrated to respond the same as the main channel, permitting stereo operation.

The two main channel outputs (OUT 1 and OUT 2) are identical and are independently connected to the main channel output signal via 1k protection resistors.

Tech Notes

The B channel input and output use two jacks that were not connected to anything in the original module.

Component values have been carefully recalculated to preserve the original module's behaviour with 12V supplies. 

Tech Specs

Power requirements

+12V: 30mA

-12V: 30mA

+5V: Not required


Eurorack standard, 10HP width

38mm depth below mounting rails with connected power cable 



Queued for expected production in 2017


Watch this space